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President and Chief Executive Officer
Kaname Iijima

Japan Polypropylene Corporation was established in October 2003 as one of the largest polypropylene companies in Japan by succeeding the polypropylene businesses of Japan Polychem Corporation and JNC Petrochemical Corporation.

We will continue to provide a stable supply of high quality products by taking over the achievements in sales, production, and research and development that Japan Polychem Corporation and JNC Petrochemical Corporation have built up. We will also further develop and evolve our products to meet the high needs of our customers by combining the technological capabilities of the two companies. Furthermore, we will pursue further synergy effects in all business activities, including production, sales, and R&D.

By quickly realizing the effects of these efforts, we will further increase our international competitiveness, develop as a company with a strong presence not only in Japan but also in the international market, and strive to provide better products and services to achieve even greater customer satisfaction.

With the recent remarkable development of science and technology, the chemical industry has also contributed to a wide variety of fields ranging from daily life to health. Chemical products, including plastics, have become indispensable in human life, and our products also support society and are indispensable to our daily lives.

We are committed to fulfilling our mission to society as a leading polypropylene company by sincerely addressing resource and environmental issues and ensuring safety, as well as by upholding compliance as our mission.


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