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President and Chief Executive Officer
Kaname Iijima

Our mission is to contribute to the sustainable development of society and the Earth and to fulfill our social responsibility.
And, based on the philosophy that "ensuring the environment and safety is the basic premise of our business activities and the foundation of our management," we are committed to activities that take into consideration the environment and safety in all processes of our business activities.

In recent years, massive energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions have become increasingly problematic, and efforts to go carbon neutral have accelerated rapidly. From the perspective of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), a method for quantitatively and objectively evaluating environmental impact, polypropylene, our product, is an excellent product with relatively low energy consumption (CO2 emissions) during production and low energy consumption during the molding and processing stages. We will continue to pursue further environmental superiority throughout the life cycle of our products, and we recognize that our mission to society is to provide a variety of environmentally friendly, highly functional products by combining the advanced technological capabilities we have cultivated to date, and to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities in cooperation with related organizations.

As top management, we will take leadership and promote various measures to contribute to the sustainability of the global environment.


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