JPP Horizone™ Process Overview

Japan Polypropylene Corporation (JPP) has a long and wide experience in polypropylene business, and has developed excellent polypropylene products with utilizing sophisticated manufacturing technology. The JPP Horizone™ Process (formerly known as “Chisso Gas Phase PP Process”) is the result of this developed process.

The main feature of this process technology is the use of horizontal reactors for polymerization steps, which contributes not only to the operational stability of the plant, but also to significant improvements in product quality and performance. Additionally, the catalyst developed for this process also provides a significant performance advantage against other polypropylene manufacturing technology competitors.

Furthermore, JPP is also developing a new resin that has not yet been released on the JPP Horizone™ Process and it prove the JPP Horizone™ Process has high process potential for the future.

The JPP Horizone™ Process manufacturing technology help you to support producing featured products which are coveted by all of the world market.


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