The JPP Horizone™ Process (formerly known as “Chisso Gas Phase PP Process”) is the most up to date polypropylene manufacturing process which are originated from a joint developed process technology between Chisso Corporation and Amoco Chemical Company. Chisso started its polypropylene business in 1963 as one of the petrochemical frontiers in Japan. The initial process technology was developed by Amoco for homopolymer in the mid-1970s and the process was expanded into ethylene-propylene copolymer production technology by Chisso in 1987.

After ceased the cooperation between Chisso and Amoco in the spring of 1995, then each company has been independently carrying out process development and licensing activities.

As of 1st of October, 2003, Chisso and Japan Polychem Corporation (a subsidiary of “Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation”) established a new PP joint venture company “Japan Polypropylene Corporation (JPP)” as a leader of polypropylene business in Japan. After that JPP is providing state of the art polypropylene manufacturing technology to all of the world.

Technology Background and History

After establishment of JPP, we had provided several numbers of licensing to the world petrochemical player who are aiming specialty polypropylene manufacturing to catch up high-quality market demand tendency, especially for automobile application use materials. In the US, China and Southeast Asia are mainly hired our process, and the customer region are shifting to next stages such as Middle East and India.

JPP Horizone™ Process Licensees Map


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