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  • Polypropylene can be composited to achieve a wide range of design balance between rigidity and impact performance, and is already used in a wide range of automotive applications, contributing to energy savings (fuel consumption and electricity costs) due to its lightweight properties.
  • For exterior applications, it can be painted to impart design, and its excellent moldability allows it to be adapted to a wide variety of designs.(bumper facia, back door outer, fenders, etc.)
  • For interior applications, the product is not only lightweight, but also designed to protect passengers in the event of a collision and to reduce the environmental load inside the vehicle (low odor and low VOC). (instrument panels and door trims) Recently, composites with long glass fibers have been used to replace metals in structural and functional parts, and are expected to be applied to electric vehicles (weight reduction). Polypropylene is a highly recyclable material, and studies are underway to recover and reuse it from ELVs.

Industrial Materials

  • Polypropylene is widely used as a material for materials required in logistics, construction, IT, and other fields that support human life and infrastructure. Logistics materials such as containers and pallets are typical examples of applications.
  • Semiconductor wafer transfer containers require cleanliness to prevent wafer contamination and transparency to allow visibility of the inside of the container. WINTEC™ is a polypropylene that has both of these features and is suitable for semiconductor wafer transfer containers.

Soft Packaging Field

  • The polypropylene used and the method used to manufacture the film enable the production of films with various characteristics such as resistance to deformation, impact resistance, transparency/opaqueness, and durability at low temperatures. It is widely used as a packaging material for food such as bread, noodles, and confectioneries, as well as for cleaning, industrial masking film, and various other applications.
  • By using a clean grade with extremely low volatile and eluted components, it can be used as a high-quality packaging container that will not contaminate the contents.

Food Containers

  • Food containers require not only basic physical properties as a packaging material, but also compatibility with preservation and distribution technologies, and design and functionality suitable for the products. Polypropylene is widely used as a food container material because it can withstand heat sterilization and microwave heating and has a high degree of freedom in terms of shape and appearance.
  • Polypropylene food containers contribute to the reduction of environmental impact by protecting contents and reducing food loss, Ultra-high flow materials for thin-walled and lightweight containers, high melt strength materials for foaming and weight reduction (WAYMAX™), and ultra-transparent materials (WINTEC™) that can replace transparent amorphous resins further reduce the environmental impact of containers.

Medical Field

  • Lightweight and strong, polypropylene resin is ideal for medical hygiene components. With excellent moldability and cleanability, these materials are designed with safety in mind, contributing to the creation of a safe, secure, and comfortable living environment.
  • Polypropylene also has high heat resistance and is used as a component that must be sterilized at high temperatures.
  • Visibility of the contents is also important, and polypropylene is used because of its high transparency. Please visit the "WINTEC™︎" page for more information.

Textile Field

  • Polypropylene, which can produce the lightest of chemical fibers, has low water absorbency and quick-drying properties.
  • Because of its strength, it is processed into nonwoven fabrics without weaving the fibers, and is widely used for masks, disposable diapers, and other sanitary products that are indispensable in our daily lives.


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